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Again, welcome. I'm glad you're here. Take your time...you are going to find a tremendous amount of information about the ViSalus business opportunity and the Body by Vi 90 Day Challenge. I put this website together so you can get the real facts before you join ViSalus and understand more about what makes it so incredibly attractive to experienced network marketers and first-timers alike.

It's really rare that any one opportunity can create this kind of buzz in the industry. But, that's exactly what's happening. As you read on, you will understand why industry leaders are flocking to ViSalus and our team.

This business is different in so many ways! Our compensation plan favors average people rather than superstars. Our automobile program is at the beginning of the comp plan, not at the top, and it's easily attainable. Over 15,000 people are driving black BMWs paid for by ViSalus - I earned my free BMW in 46 days. We are product-driven with a ratio of over 6 customers per distributor contributing to phenomenal retention and residual income.

The thing I like best about our compensation plan is the Waiting Room. ViSalus allows placement sponsoring of new business partners within the organization. I can place people I enroll under YOU. This creates very fast and strategic team building and support (you've probably never had a distributor placed under you before). Join our team and take advantage of our rapid growth!

Our selling message is different too. We just promote a challenge...the Body by Vi 90 Day Challenge...rather than distribute a product or sell an opportunity. And our challenge has universal appeal. Everyone knows someone who wants to lose weight or improve their fitness.

I want to provide you with all of the FACTS concerning ViSalus, and how you can create the lifestyle you want for yourself and your family by promoting the Body by Vi 90 Day Challenge.

Make sure you take the time to review all of the information on this site. Visit each of the pages. Any time you want to speak with me personally to get your questions answered, feel free to call me at: (518) 636-4116.

You can also reach me by email at: Joe@ViSalus-Info.com

I'm here to help you. My goal is to make sure that you have all of the information you need to make an informed decision about your financial future and how we can help you achieve it.

This I know for sure...your timing couldn't be better. You've just found the most lucrative and, quite frankly, most common-sense home business in the world.

As you read on, I trust you will see why ViSalus caught my attention...and that of so many other top people in the network marketing industry.

Your time is NOW. And there's no better place to capture the lifestyle you deserve than with the ViSalus business opportunity, our team, and me as your personal mentor.

And if you've already done your due diligence, are sold on Vi, and are just looking for the right team to join...Click Here to Join ViSalus Now.

To Your Success,
Joe Barclay

Visalus team leader Joe Barclay

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